Planning Process

Plan Elements

This plan is split into focus areas allowing us to be comprehensive in how we address the impacts of climate change and reduce our emissions. The seven Plan Elements are:

  • Buildings & Development
  • Natural Resources
  • Public Health and Safety
  • Solid Waste
  • Mobility
  • Energy
  • Infrastructure

Planning Process

Guiding Principles

Our six Guiding Principles set the foundation for the goals and actions of this plan, and for continued planning and implementation. Every action included in this Plan was evaluate through the lens of these six principles. 

Action Implementation Table

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Planning Process

Climate Action Toolkits

You don't have to wait on your City government - you can start taking action today! The Climate Action Toolkits bring together tips, how-to guides, and financial resources to help you, as a resident or business in Beverly or Salem, prepare for climate change. You can reduce your utility bills and plan for the future, while also helping your neighbors and communities to thrive, by lowering your carbon footprint, reducing waste, conserving resources, and investing in our local economy.

 Check out the Climate Action Toolkit for Residents and the Climate Action Toolkit for Businesses.

Planning Process

Project Duration

Our first Climate Action Plan was started in July of 2020 and completed in June of 2021. 

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